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Fans of English Premier League side Chelsea were left stunned when N'Golo Kante stormed their training ground with his head full of hair.

The 29-year-old has an iconic shaved head which has been his style since he arrived in England back in 2015.

Although the likes of Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba have decided to 'shine their heads', Kante clearly resisted the urge to give himself a haircut at home.

On his return to Cobham training groung as the Chelsea players train on Tuesday in small groups, Kante was wearing a very different look.

It then became the talking point for fans on social media as they were left stunned by the former Leicester City man.

One said: "Kante having hair is one of the many crazy things to come out of these times..." Another, slightly more excited supporter, added: "Kante has hair!!! I repeat Kante has hair.

And one claimed: "The world is absolutely not ready for Kante with hair."

One Twitter user posted a picture of him alongside the caption: "Never expected to see N'Golo Kante like this in a million years."

However, ahead of group training scheduled for Wednesday, May 20, players of Liverpool and Tottenham have arrived their respective training grounds for their final individual sessions.

It was however gathered that the stars can only train in 5s as they work together under strict social distancing rules and no contacts in place from Wednesday.

All 20 clubs have agreed to return to training in small groups only on the condition that all protocols given to avoid the spread of coronavirus are followed.

Premier League chiefs have stated that corner flags, balls, cones, goalposts, playing surfaces and other equipment will be disinfected after each session, while social distancing must be 'strictly observed'.

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