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Premier League clubs are preparing to resume training from the month of March as FA authorities have penned down June 8 for the continuation of the 2019/2020 season, SunSport reports.

The season was suspended indefinitely after the April 3 was not feasible following the continued spread of the dreaded novel coronavirus.

More than 14,500 people have lost their lives to the infection in the UK, with well over 100,000 carrying the virus.

However on Friday, April 17, club stakeholders had a strong two-hour meeting as the discussed how to possibly complete the season.

The best-case scenario they arrived at would see the first behind-closed-doors games take place on Monday, June 8, meaning training would resume in mid-May.

Government officials have stated that the football will not be given any preference over any other thing as players and staff would be tested before they are allowed to engage in any activity.

Stars could be forced to train under quarantine and there have even been talks of players turning up for sessions already in their kits to avoid changing rooms.

Mirror earlier claimed nine clubs have had meetings between one another about making sure the season comes to an end before July.

It is understood that the teams that were involved in the meeting still have a big chance of making it into Europe next season.

And reports claim that such teams will present their case in a Premier League meeting on Friday, April 17, 2020.

After Friday's meeting, it is however clear that the major focus will be to finish the season and not cancel it or declare it void.

A Premier League spokesperson said: "It is our objective to complete the 2019-20 season but all dates are tentative while the impact of Covid-19 develops."

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  • Date: Apr 19

I can't wait to see the epl to start up again,I really missed it.