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Competition between Lionel Messi and his greatest rival Cristiano Ronaldo seems to have left the pitch for their living rooms.

Both superstars can afford virtually anything they want to make their lives comfortable owing to how much they have made playing football in the last one and a half decades.

With the Argentine superstar earning €8.3 million gross per month as compared to his Portuguese counterpart who earns €4.5 million.

However, the focus has now shifted from the numbers the pair record on the field to who has the bigger television in their homes.

With the two players being forced to stay at home during this coronavirus pandemic period, they will be glued to their TV sets to catch up with favourite programs.

SunSport has now beamed their spotlights on which of the stars has the biggest television set in their living rooms.

Juventus superstar Ronaldo and his partner Georgina Rodriguez have four children and they will need more than one TV in their home.

The Sun spotted two TV sets in the 35-year-old's home, one of 65 inches and the other is 75 inches in size. The latter was said to have cost Cristiano Ronaldo around £4,500.

It is however not a match for Lionel Messi's 85 inches massive television which was said to have cost the Argentine about £5,500.

And watching a football match on the machine would have made the Barcelona captain look real to himself whenever he is not dressed for the outing.

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