Former Brazilian Soccer Player Ronaldinho Poses During The Uefa Picture Id930241878?s=28

Former Barcelona star Ronaldinho is now growing beard inside Paraguay prison where he has been locked for weeks after being accused of traveling to the country with fake passport.

The Brazilian footballer has now recorded a short video inside jail with a new pal known as Pablo Cesar where the new look of the World Cup winner was shown.

There have been reports that Ronaldinho is no longer comfortable inside prison and wants his freedom, but he will have to wait till the investigation is completed.

"Hi everyone, hello to the Morales family. I'm here with my companion, my attacker, Pablo.

"He plays very well. We're together and we're going to play again very soon,''. Ronaldinho explained on the video.

Ronaldinho's message was aimed to the family of his new prison mate telling them that they are both fine.

The Brazilian was not the only arrested by the Paraguay police as his brother is also inside the prison with him.

Lawyers representing the 40-year-old tried to convince the judge handling the case that Ronaldinho should be given house arrest pending when he will get final judgment.

But the judge kicked against it and ordered that the Brazilian should remain in jail.

Ronaldinho has however been trying not to be bored inside the prison by interacting with other inmates and also playing football with them.

Recently in a futsal match, Ronaldinho scored five goals and also created six assists to the delight of all who watched the game.

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