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Boxing legend Mike Tyson has expressed sadness after the passing of former American professional football icon Tom Dempsey.

The 73-year-old was said to have died after contracting deadly coronavirus that has been ravaging the world since December 2019.

Tyson recounted how the man who was born without toes inspired him following his rise in his active days in football.

According to BBC Sport, the American set a 43-year record in the NFL after scoring a 63-yard kick in 1970 - and it was only beaten in 2013.

His 11-year career span saw him play for five major teams and he won several awards to crown his efforts and contributions on the field.

Reports claim he was already battling with Alzheimer's and dementia since 2012, before being diagnosed with COVID-19 on 25 March.

"Lost a good man to coronavirus. NFL legend Tom Dempsey. I remember watching him kick the ball with the special boot.

"He didn't let his disability stand in his way of becoming great and because of that I never forget him. He's an inspiration, RIP". Tyson tweeted.

Tyson added that late Dempsey did not allow his inability to stop him from achieving his dreams - kicking balls even better than able-bodied men.

The late Dempsey who died on Saturday, April 4 is survived by his wife Carlene, his children and grandchildren and will be remembered by all.

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