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Lionel Messi is making the best out of life for himself and his family as he cruises around the world with his £11million private jet.

For a player that takes home £500,000-per-week after tax in Barcelona, buying a jet of such an amount is a piece of cake.

The aircraft was designed in his homeland in Argentina which has incredible features that will make him seat comfortably with his family in an eight-hour flight.

One of its outstanding features is a specially made kitchen where Messi's wife Antonella Ruccuzzo can prepare him homemade food.

There two bathrooms to share within the family, one for Messi and his wife while the other will be for his three sons Thiago, Ciro and Matteo.

The can aircraft can accommodate 16 people on board while the chairs can also be folded up and turned into eight beds.

The entrance stairs have the names of Messi wife and three sons and the tail of the plane has his famous No.10 written on it.

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