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Sheffield United have been reported as the only Premier League top 10 team who have refused to support banning Manchester City from entering the Champions League during their appeal. 

The Citizens were recently punished by world football governing body who hit them with two years ban from playing in the Champions League. 

Manchester City were accused to have gone against the rules governing the game of football which them the punishment to fall on them. 

But the Etihad based club have appealed the case by going to the court of arbitration for sports where they are waiting for judgment. 

They were on the verge of getting judgement from the court of arbitration before the outbreak of coronavirus forced the court to close down.

And as it stands, there is no definite date for now to when the court will sit on the appeal case of Manchester City in the Champions League. 

There have been reports that Manchester City should be allowed to play in the Champions League next season pending when the CAS chiefs will sit on the case. 

But Liverpool, Leicester City, Arsenal, Manchester United are all said to have kicked against such decision according to UK Mirror citing Daily Mail. 

All these teams want Manchester City to be excused from the competition until they get their judgment from the court of arbitration. 

The report however claimed that only Sheffield United did not support others in kicking against Manchester City.

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