Ezequiel Garay Of Valencia Cf In Action During The Liga Match Between Picture Id1204385770?s=28

Valencia defender Ezequiel Garay has praised the courage of his wife Tamara Gorro for showing him love and care despite his status as coronavirus carrier.

It came as a shock last week when the Argentine footballer was named as the first Spanish La Liga player to be tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.

The 33-year-old was recuperating from an injury when he was confirmed as a sufferer of the disease which has thrown the whole world into confusion.

And since then, he has been locked in his room where he is receiving treatments as he stays away from wife and kid.

But his condition does not stop his wife doing his responsibility as she will still go to Garay's room with nose covered and gloves to give him food.

Even under isolation, Tamara Gorro made sure that her husband does not miss the Father's Day celebration which the Argentine cherished so much.

According to the report on UK Sun, Tamara and his kids will be in the other room and will always be calling Garay on video call so as for him not to feel rejected or lonely.

"We had another type of celebration in mind, but as you well know, what you plan does not always take effect.

"It is true that we have not started this year in the best way. We are removing the stones from our path, but they continue to appear.

"Your children's delight at seeing you, the passion they show for you every day and the love they process for you, you have earned it,'' Tamara posted on social media.

Spanish La Liga season has been suspended since the coronavirus hit the country hard in which many people have died.

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