Cristiano Ronaldo Of Juventus In Action During The Group H Match Of Picture Id1053858048?s=28

Portugal international Cristiano Ronaldo on Wednesday night, February 26, told a pitch invader to calm down after storming the field in serious attempt to take selfies with the football star.

Cristiano Ronaldo was on the pitch for Juventus in the Champions League round of 16 encounter against Lyon in France when a fan ran into the pitch beating the stewards.


Juventus were 1-0 down during when the incident happened in which Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates were trying to get an equalizer before the final whistle.

But despite the scoreline not in a favorable one for Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese still gave the pitch invader little time to actualize his dream.

He ran with full speed to make sure that he got to where Cristiano Ronaldo was standing on the pitch and he knelt down in front of the five time Ballon d'Or winner.


Pitch invader kneels in front of Cristiano Ronaldo for selfie (photo: Getty) Source: Getty Images

The fan was unsuccessful in his desire to get pictures with Cristiano Ronaldo before he was taken away by stewards.

Juventus went on to lose the encounter 1-0 against Lyon and they will have to raise their game well in the return leg in Turin for them to have the chance of progressing to next round.

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the most famous footballer on earth considering his followers on Twitter and Instagram.

He started his football career on the street in his country before going on to sign for Sporting Lisbon from where he moved to Manchester United.

Ronaldo won the Premier League and Champions League title at Manchester United before he moved to Real Madrid where he won four more UCL titles.

Last season, he tried his best to go far with Juventus in the Champions League, but they were knocked out in the quarterfinal by Dutch side Ajax.

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