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Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi's strong show of rivalry is more than a pitch thing and nothing closely explains it better than how football fraternity is polarised on who is a complete player between the powerful duo.

The Portuguese and Argentine shared eleven Balon d'Or awards between them among numerous honours, leaving fans confused alongside the all-time-great debate.

In what appeared to be a final settlement, fans have now analysed nine qualities possessed by Messi and Ronaldo and ranked them on the 10 level rating.

1. Goalscoring: Messi (10/10) and Ronaldo (10/10)
Both Ronaldo and Messi were given an equal ranking on their goalscoring prowess. The Argentine and the Portuguese stars have scored over five hundred career goals and are not ready to slow down the trigger.

2. Heading: Messi (6/10) and Ronaldo (9/10)
On the ability to head into the net, Ronaldo was given a 9/10 rating, above his rival who comes behind him in that regard with a rating of 6/10

3. Dribbling: Messi (10/10) and Ronaldo (8/10)
One of the qualities which Messi arguably has than Ronaldo is the ability to dazzle past many opponents in a game. Ronaldo showed his dribbling prowess at Man United but as he continues to grow, the Portuguese has lowered the bar down, unlike the Argentine.

4. Passing: Messi (10/10) and Ronaldo (8/10)
Ronaldo falls 2-point short behind Messi in the passing department, and no doubt, their performance speaks it all in this regards.

5. Free-kicks: Messi (9/10) and Ronaldo (8/10)

Both Messi and Ronaldo are two dead-ball specialists of their generation, but fans believed Messi is a step above the Portuguese when it comes to this.

6. Penalties: Messi (7/10) and Ronaldo (9/10)
No doubts, Ronaldo is more of a penalty-taker than Messi and the statistics speak it all.

7. Physicality: Messi (7/10) and Ronaldo (10/10): Ronaldo is rated in this department above Messi. Unarguably!

8. Team Play: Messi (9/10) and Ronaldo (7/10)

9. Discipline: Messi (9/10) and Ronaldo (7/10)
In summation: Messi (77/90) and Ronaldo (76/90)

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