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The season has been a roller coaster for Manchester United but it seems the Old Trafford outfits are more taking a sudden turn to the negative direction following the club's slump to 16th position in financial power rankings.

United are adjudged one of the financial powerhous[put their financial superiority in question
Despite being the arguably highest-paying and one of the highest spenders during last summer transfer, Red Devils could not rank among the first ten clubs with big financial biceps.

According to Soccerex, United's total squad value is worth a meagre £625 million based on the value of their playing assets, cash in the bank, the value of facilities, potential owner investment and debt.

The Theatre of Dreams outfits come far behind their derby rivals Manchester City who are adjudged the most valuable club in the world with a squad and asset value worth a staggering £1.062billion.

The position placed United below all of their top-six league contenders in the Premier League with "Football Finance Index" of 1.743, while Liverpool FC come behind City with a squad value of £888 million.

Tottenham follow in the line with a value standing at £816 million worth, while Chelsea are behind with £670 million.

North London side Arsenal toe behind their London rivals with a mouth-watering figure of £566 million despite sitting on the tenth place on the log.

Here is the finance index score of the clubs with buoyant financial strength as cited on UK Sun:

1) Paris Saint-Germain - 5.318

2) Man City - 5.197

3) Bayern Munich - 3.888

4) Spurs - 3.441

5) Real Madrid - 3.336

6) Arsenal - 3.150

7) Chelsea - 2.893

8) Liverpool - 2.616

9)Juventus - 2.195

10) Borussia Dortmund - 2.154

16) Man Utd - 1.743

Manchester United are 8th on the league with 35 points in 25 league games, but they will hope to move up when they resume from winter break to face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

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