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Inter Millan striker Romelu Lukaku recently left his fans in awe after flaunting what looked like a whale-sized bed in his newly acquired apartment.

Lukaku has been reborn since his move to Italy from Manchester United and has scored an impressive 14 goals in the league.

Notably, the 27-year old big-man is level on his number of league goals as Cristiano Ronaldo.

His impressive performances look to have restored fans' faith in him as he is once again being considered as one of the world-class strikers in the game today.

Away from the pitch, Lukaku still does things big, quite literally.

He took to Instagram to flaunt his new apartment in Milan which includes an extraordinary bed.

It goes without saying that footballers live for the flashy life but Lukaku just took extravagance to a whole new level with his Rolls Royce of all beds.

He thanked the bespoke luxury bed company Maree for the delivery as he captioned the photo "New apartment, new bed".

A number of Lukaku's friends and fellow footballers could not help but poke fun at the towering striker, with Andrea Ranocchia cheekily asking him if the bed was meant for 15 people.

Former Everton goalkeeper Joel Robles who played alongside Lukaku in Merseyside also asked,"Bed for seven?".

According to Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad, Lukaku purchased the apartments in City life, a new district which is very close to the San Siro.

The striker's then girlfriend Sarah gave birth to his son Romeo but the two have since fallen out.

Regardless, Lukaku has done his best to ensure his family is well off as he purchased two flats, one for his mother Adophile and one for his son so that he can concentrate on his football.

The arrangement is clearly paying off as Lukaku is the sparkling star in Serie A and his goals have helped Inter Millan challenge Juventus for the title this season.

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