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Rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi has been fierce that both stars have won virtually all the prestigious individual awards in their careers.

Although, the Portuguese superstar missed most of the silverware to the Argentine, while Virgil van Dijk clinches the UEFA best player trophy.

The 34-year-old, however, made it up for himself elsewhere as he beats the Barcelona star, three others as biggest earner on Instagram this year - netting an incredible £38.2 million.

According to Sunsport, Ronaldo earned an average of about £780,000 for each sponsored post, while Messi ranks second on the chart.

The Argentine captain charged a minimum of £518,000 per post which resulted in him taking home a total of £18.7 million.

American model and media personality Kendall Jenner ranks third on the new rich list compiled by Buzz Bingo

The 24-year-old is the highest female Insta earner in the outgoing year with a total of £12.7 million - which is said to be four times star sister Kylie.

Former Manchester United and Real Madrid star David takes the fourth position on the chart - but remains the most paid British star in the year under review.

The 44-year-old boasts of over 59 million followers on Instagram and he was said to have made about £8.6m million in the process.

Selena Gomez wraps up the top five on the table having earned a total of £6.4 million at £709,000 per post.

Below are the top ten highest earners on Instagram for the year 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo - £38.2m (£780k per post)

Lionel Messi - £18.7m (£518k per post)

Kendall Jenner - £12.7m (£489k per post)

David Beckham - £8.6m (£286k per post)

Selena Gomez - £6.4m (£709k per post)

Neymar - £5.7m (£578k per post)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic - £3.2m (£160k per post)

Kylie Jenner - £3m (£1.01m per post)

Ronaldinho - £2m (£205k per post)

Khloe Kardashian - £975, 000 (£478k per post).

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