Juventus Player Cristiano Ronaldo During The Uefa Champions League Picture Id1189984585?s=28

Video of Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has emerged on social media seriously disapproving being nutmegged in training.

There is no question the 34-year old has the mentality of a serial winner, but sometimes it comes to bite him back, especially in light situations.

Ronaldo is back in training as Juventus prepare to take on Atletico Madrid in the Champions League on Tuesday, November 26.

The Portuguese has been working hard in training and despite a rumored falling out with manager Mauricio Sarri, he is set to play against his old rivals from Madrid.

During a Tuesday training session, Ronaldo exhibited one of the little things that really tick him off - being embarrassed by another player.

In the video that is fast going viral, Juventus players engage in a training drill popularly known as El Rondo where players make a circle and one player chases the ball as it is being passed about.

It was Ronaldo's turn to fetch the ball and while Real Madrid's all-time goalscorer was determined to get the ball sooner than later, his aggression led defender Leonardo Bonucci to slip a cheeky nutmeg.

Typically, most players would simply laugh off such an incident and that was the case with the other Juve players who were in hysteria at the rare humiliation of a player considered the best ever.

But Ronaldo was having none of it as he gave out an angry reaction as he seemingly tried to argue that it was not a proper nutmeg in the first place by waving his hands in disapproval.

Regardless, the nutmeg is unlikely to faze Ronaldo in the long run as he is set to feature in a competition where he has broken nearly all records available.

He is currently the Champions League's all-time top scorer with a staggering 127 goals.

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