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Wealthy and popular heavyweight boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather, has caused media stir again with the display of his amazing riches as he displayed his luxurious home.

The showcased house has 11 beds, 14 bath homes on 21,861 square feet with several guest houses, both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, large courtyard and a 20-car and massive underground garage.

HZeppfeed reports that the LA luxury home also has a candy shop, 12-seat cinema for ready entertainment, and a wine rack that holds 225 bottles.

It should be noted that this is coming a year after the boxer purchased a $25.5 million (N9,062,500,000) Beverly Hills mansion that he used to celebrate his Conor McGregor win.

The house purchase was not done in a market-sale, and there are no public interior photos of the house.

Floyd Mayweather is always known to display his wealth without reservation. Photo credit: Hzeppfeed Source: UGC

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