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John Cena's rivalry with the The Rock was the biggest in the WWE's history and the former has revealed he enjoyed every bit of it.

Both stars have also taken their respective careers to another level as they have headlined top Hollywood movies in recent years.

The Rock defeated Cena in Wrestlemania 28 in 2012 which till date is the biggest sell-out event in wrestling's pay-per-view history.

They faced off again in 2013 and this time Cena emerged victorious after several months of bad-mouthing each other before settling their scores in the ring.

"The Rock and I are most known for our tremendous WWE feud that broke WWE pay-per-view records.

"And we kind of talked a lot of trash about each other. Now, we also had a follow-up match a year later.

"So, we spent a year making fun of each other, and then, one night beating each other up. And then we were liked, 'did we just become best friends?' 'Yep.'

"So, basically, we were able to set aside our differences on that night," Cena told The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Cena has made his mark in Hollywood starring in movies like Marines, Ferdinand, Bumblebee and Trainwreck.

The Rock also had his lion share in the biggest movie industry as most paid actor of 2019, hitting the big screens with blockbusters like Scorpion King, The Mummy Returns, Fast & Furious and Jumanji.

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