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Frank Lampard has been thoroughly impressed with Jorginho since taking charge as Chelsea manager and has hinted at a new role for the midfielder in the forthcoming season.

The Italy international was a polarising figure under Maurizio Sarri last year, drawing criticism from a number of Blues fans for his style of play.

However, Lampard has come in with a fresh set of eyes and ideas and has been pleasantly surprised with the 27-year-old's impressive commitment in training.

'Jorginho is a fantastic player. The one thing that has struck me about him from working with him in the last week and a bit is not just his quality on the ball. His attitude in training has been first class. He's a driver of a session.

'He's a voice. He runs, he pushes people around him, he drags people up when he doesn't feel they're working as much as he might want.

'I've loved seeing that. So in terms of first impressions, working with him for 10 days, I can't ask for any more. I'm delighted to have him.'

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The Brazilian-born star was a central part of what was dubbed Sarri-ball, which did not always go down well at Stamford Bridge.

While the Blues won the Europa League and returned to the top four of the Premier League, Sarri's ideas never quite resonated with the fans in west London and Jorginho was made something of a scapegoat.

However, Lampard feels for the midfielder and believes he can be deployed in a different fashion to how his predecessor chose to.

'Jorginho became a conversation last year. I've been there as a player, sometimes things are out of your control and the conversation carries on very quickly without you,' continued Lampard.

'He played in one position and the manager had faith in him and it became something that was talked about, possibly too much.

'But I'm a new manager. I have new ideas. We might be more adaptable in the way we play. I might ask different things of Jorginho, of N'Golo Kante, of Ross Barkley, of anybody.

'I'm not stuck in a conversation from last year. I'm looking at a player who has very much impressed me over the last 10 days.'

Chelsea are in Japan and take on Kawasaki Frontale on Friday in a pre-season friendly.

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