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Alexis Sanchez has be called a "womanizing liar" by a stunning Paraguayan model named Mirth Sosa.

The beautiful lady who has close to 100,000 followers on Instagram claims the Manchester United star had bombarded her with calls and even invited her to come to England.

Sanchez's agent Fernando Felicevich has rubbished the allegations on behalf of his client who has been struggling at Manchester United this season.

However, Sosa revealed Sanchez destroyed her, and she later discovered he was fooling with other women at the same time.

"He asked for my number. We started writing and getting to know each other," she told Argentine outlet Cronica.

"He sent me tickets to travel to him, but I didn't go. I told him that if I went, it would have to be as someone to be shown off (in public).

"I wasn't going to be one more of the heaps of girls that were going to be there for a little while and that's it."

She added: "He video called me 24 hours a day, he watched over me all over the world, he didn't let me do anything. He made my life impossible, I didn't have a life anymore, I lived for him.

"I fell in love with that man, he claimed he didn't want to know anyone else. What he did to me hurts, I feel destroyed."

His agent Felicevich issued a statement on his behalf, denying the allegations saying he does not know her, nor has had any communication with Sosa.

The 30-year-old announced his split from long-term girlfriend Mayte Rodriguez in last year September.

"Unfortunately, there are countless false accounts, people who pose as Alexis and contact people in their name," Felicevich added.

"We have repeatedly requested the removal of accounts in social networks that try to impersonate the identity of the player, since such accounts can provoke confusion.

"The impersonation of identity, besides being a crime, generates very dangerous situations for the deceived people, at the same time that it provokes uncomfortable and unpleasant situations for Alexis."

The Chilean who has been out of action with a knee problem, has returned to United squad for their Champions League second leg with Barcelona.

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