Brock Lesnar has emerged WWE highest paid wrestler ahead of John Cena in the top 50 list.

According to a UK Sun report, it was not a surprise that Lesnar, who currently earns £9m-a-year is at the summit of male highest earners.

A further breakdown of his wages revealed that the ex-UFC champ and current Universal Champion pockets about £375,000 per main event and £75,000 from merchandise sales despite working on limited dates the entire year.

Legendary WWE wrestler John Cena is currently second with a yearly salary of £6.37m.

Cena also pockets the same wage for main event alongside, The Beast earns about five per cent on his merchandise.

Roman Reigns is on third spot in the top 50 list and smiles to the bank with £3.75m annually despite appearing in the last four WrestleMania's main event.

On the fourth spot, Randy Orton, who earns about £3.37m hold sway and he is closely followed by WWE Champion AJ Styles on fifth position with £2.62m.

In the women's category, Ronda Rousey is the top earner as soon as she made her way into WWE.

Already, she is guaranteed her £1.12m base salary, even if she fails to defend her championship belt against Nia Jax next month.

Charlotte Flair is women's second best with about £412k per year.

Next in the line of top female earners are the pair of Nikki Bella and Alexa Bliss in third spot with £262k.

Although Nikki has not had a competitive bout since the Royal Rumble, she has repeatedly made newspaper front-page due to her relationship with Cena.

The trio of Mickie James, Brie Bella and Natalya, are joint-fifth and collects about £225k annual salary.

Here are the top 50 highest paid male wrestlers:

1. Brock Lesnar $12million

2. John Cena $8.5million

3. Roman Reigns $5million

4. Randy Orton $4.5million

5. AJ Styles $3.5million

6. Seth Rollins $3million

7. The Miz $2.5million

8. Triple H $2.5million

9. Undertaker $2.5million

10. Dean Ambrose $2million

11. Kevin Owens $2million

12. Dolph Ziggler $1.5million

13. Sheamus $1million

14. Jeff Hardy $1million

15. Bray Wyatt $1million

16. Finn Balor $1million

17. Jinder Mahal $900,000

18. Kane $900,000

19. Big Show $850,000

20. Samoa Joe $800,000

21. Rusev $800,000

22. Chris Jericho $750,000

23. Sin Cara $700,000

24. Matt Hardy $650,000

25. Luke Harper $550,000

26. Erick Rowan $550,000

27. R-Truth $550,000

28. Kofi Kingston $500,000

29. Xavier Woods $500,000

30. Big E $500,000

31. Rhyno $500,000

32. Cesaro $500,000

33. Sami Zayn $500,000

34. Goldust $400,000

35. Heath Slater $400,000

36. Fandango $400,000

37. Kalisto $350,000

38. Titus O'Neill $300,000

39. Bo Dallas $300,000

40. Braun Strowman $300,000

41. Apollo Crews $300,000

42. Scott Dawson $250,000

43. Luke Gallows $250,000

44. Big Cass $250,000

45. Jey USO $250,000

46. Jimmy USO $250,000

47. Curtis Axel $250,000

48. Curt Hawkins $200,000

49. Epico Colon $200,000

50. Mike Kanellis $200,000

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  • Date: Dec 12, 2019

Brock might be highest paid at
t the WWE but if you combine Cena's income that he generates from making movies and his WWE salary.its simple CENA makes more money money than Brock. #respect the hustle @John Cena #1