Football loving fans on a regular basis debate about who is the better player between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

There is also a contrasting difference between their children Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. and Thiago and it something worthy of note.

Oh My Goal compiled a video of how both kids live their lives which is something to laugh about because of their contrasting upbringing.

On one side of the clip, Ronaldo and his son were busy on the pitch doing stomach drills going through paces and scoring great goals like his dad.

However, Lionel Messi's Thiago is seen messing around with his siblings wearing pyjamas and playing in the bedroom.

Ronaldo Jr. who now plays for Juventus U-9's has been winning trophies since joining the club in August 2018.

In September 2018, the eight-year-old scored four goals in his debut against Lucento wearing the iconic No.7 jersey like his father.

His father Cristiano, predicted great things to happen in the career of his son saying: "Cristiano Junior is very competitive. He is like me when I was a kid. He doesn't like to lose. He will become like me, I'm 100% sure."

The former Real Madrid talisman posted a congratulatory message to his son posed next to a trophy on his social media handle.

He has been on the spotlight since his arrival at Turin and was spotted wearing the number 11 jersey in a particular match where he dazzled.

He moved down the right flank and went past the defender as well as rounding the goalkeeper before slotting home with his left-foot calmly.

His teammates were calling for the ball but he was not having any of it as he finished off the solo effort in style.

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