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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has made it clear that it will be hard for his wards to retain their Premier League title if they should suffer a defeat against Liverpool in their next tie.

The Etihad landlords have not been finding it rosy this season in the Premier League losing three games and they are occupying second position with seven points behind leaders Liverpool.

On Sunday, December 30, Manchester City defeated Southampton, and Guardiola said that the title race would have been over if his wards had not beaten their last opponents.

"In the position of Liverpool, we drop points, it's over. It's finished. It would be almost impossible. Of course I think they're going to drop points, but not too many.

''If we want to be there as far as possible until the end, we have to win games.

"The problem in the other team is fantastic. Maybe the best team in Europe or the world right now and in top form. You have to accept it.

"When Liverpool is seven points in front it's because they don't lose a game, they don't concede, they start in incredible form, top players, all together four or five years with Jurgen Klopp,'' Guardiola explained according to Telegraph.

Meanwhile, Liverpool are still unbeaten this season and they are topping the Premier League table with 54 points after 20 games played this season.

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