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The exit of Jose Mourinho at Premier League side Manchester United is still fresh and has also generated lots of arguments and comments among football fans around the world.

But the fact is that Jose Mourinho remains one of the best coaches in the world considering his achievement in football management since he began his career.

No doubt that poor results this season masterminded his exit at Old Trafford, but he would still be remembered by the club's fans for winning the Europa League title and the EFL Cup in a season.

However, there are some unforgettable moments in the career of Mourinho, and we shall take a look at some.

1. 'I think I'm a Special One'

After winning the Champions League title with FC Porto, Jose Mourinho convinced Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich that he was the best man to bring success to the Blues.

And after being given the job at Stamford Bridge, it was in a press conference that Mourinho stated that: ''Please don't call me arrogant, but I'm European champion and I think I'm a special one,'' and up till today, he is being called 'The Special One'.

2. Silencing the Liverpool fans

During Jose Mourinho's reign as Chelsea manager, the Blues made it to the final of the 2005 Carling Cup where they met Liverpool in Cardiff.

Liverpool scored the first goal in this tie through Riise, and the Blues had to wait till the 80th minute before they got the equalizer.

Chelsea went on to win the match and Jose Mourinho celebrated in an unusual way turning to Liverpool fans, raising his finger and making a shushing motion.

3. Celebrating on the Nou Camp pitch

During his second season with Inter Milan, Jose Mourinho steered the Italian club to the semifinal of the Champions League where they faced Barcelona.

Inter Milan won the first leg 3-1, and despite been 1 man down against Barcelona in the second leg, Inter went on to win the match 3-2 on aggregate.

And at the full-time whistle, Mourinho charged across the pitch in the direction of the Inter fans, arms aloft in joyous mood.

4. Specialist in failure

If Barcelona were Mourinho's main rivals when he was in Spain, Frenchman Arsene Wenger was his number one target when he was in England.

During his first spell with Chelsea, he branded Wenger a "voye*r", and he took things to the next level during his second spell with the club, when before their match in 2014, he called Wenger a "specialist in failure".

5. The three-finger salute

This season before he was thrown out at Manchester United, Jose Mourinho had issues with players like Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba, and it was the 3-0 defeat his former side suffered against Tottenham that made many livid.

Mourinho was defiant in his post-match press conference and when asked about the performance, he held up three fingers to a journalist, and said: "Do you know what this means? What was the score? It means 3-0, but also three Premier League titles that I've won. I've won more titles alone than the rest of the managers in this League combined.

"Three titles for me, and two for the other 19." He then left the room, shouting "respect, respect."

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