Lionel Messi Of Fc Barcelona Looks On During The La Liga Match Fc Picture Id614824356?k=6&m=614824356&s=&w=0&h=RwHkziat FF XcdeOzPo2smp0taezSWePmq7tq3ktzk=

Lionel Messi on Saturday, December 8, scored two free kicks for his club Barcelona in their impressive win over Espanyol in the Spanish La Liga match.

The Argentine superstar has not been good in taking free kicks considering his record scoring 19 goals in the last four years through free kicks.

And now it has been revealed that Diego Maradona who coached Lionel Messi between 2008 and 2010 helped the Barcelona star in taking good free kicks.

Former Argentina fitness coach Fernando Signorini provided an insight into Lionel Messi's prowess from dead ball situations claiming Maradona helped him.

"I started walking to where Diego was, and at the same moment I see Messi place the ball down.

"He takes three shots and misses all three and turned to us with a look of clear frustration.

"He turns towards the dressing room and I shout 'no' before hugging him and telling him that the best player in the world can't leave a training session like that.

"Diego arrives and they talk to each other, the world seems to stop at that moment.

"He places the ball in the same place and then gives some very paternal words. He told him not to take his foot off the ball so quickly when he takes a free kick,''. Signorini told La Sexta via Marca.

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