90+6' gooooooooaaaaaaallllllllll Ross Barkley with an equaliser for Chelsea
90+4' Kante was in time to stop Sanchez from making a run into his side's danger zone and probably increasing their tally
90+3' Victor Lindelof with an excellent tackle to stop Olivier Giroud from netting his first of the game
90+1' Cesar Azpilicueta shoots way off target to win Man United a goal kick with extra minutes left to play
90' Matic did well by stopping a Chelsea attack at the edge of their box
87' Danger averted in Manchester United's box as Chelsea were trying to find an equaliser in the game
84' Double substitutions for Man United as Anthony Martial makes way for Andreas Pereira while Alexis Sanchez takes the place of Marcus Rashford with less than five minutes to play
81' Superb move from Paul Pogba but his cross failed to find target in Chelsea's danger zone while a counter attacking move from the Blues was blocked
79' Cesar Azpilicueta missed a shot from a long range cross as they trail with 11 minutes to the end of this game
76' Good defending from Manchester United as they stopped Ross Barkley from penetrating into their danger zone
75' Juan Mata comes out for Ander Herrera after his impressive runs for Man United in this game
73' Goooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaa Anthony Martial with a fantastic curvy shot to put United in the lead for the first time in this encounter
71' De Gea with a superb save after N'golo Kante fired a thunderous shot at United's goal
68' Beautiful run of play from United but all their efforts at goal were thwarted by the hosts
66' Luke Shaw fouls Willian as the Blues win free kick in United's half and a chance for Luis to put the ball at the back of the net went slight off target
64' Danger averted after Man United's corner almost caused the hosts their first goal in the game
61' Hazard and Willian's combination at the edge of United's danger zone was cleared by Ashley Young
60' Corner kick for Chelsea after Hazard's shot from close range was blocked to corner
59' Throwing to Man United after a poor clearance from David Luis in the Blues' half
57' United had another chance but Pogba shot the ball over the bar from outside Chelsea danger zone
55' Goaaaaaaaallllllllll Anthony Martial with a superb finish from a close ranger after benefiting from a Juan Mata's impressive goal attempts
52' Brazil defender Davil Luiz came close to doubling his side's lead but his shot was deflected to a corner and United's counter attacking run went straight to the hands of Chelsea keeper
50' Marcus Rashford failed to make use of the pass he got from Juan Mata at the right flank as he conceded possession and also fouled United defender
48' Chelsea with another brilliant move as Kovacic combined well with Hazard but were unable to find the back of the net in the early minutes of the second half
46' Second half under way Stamford Bridge and Alvaro Morata was set up with a superb pass but his weak shot went straight into the hands of De Gea
Half time at the Stamford Bridge: Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United - Anthony Rudiger with the goal
45+2' Chelsea were trying to make another attacking move but it was cut short by the sound of the referee's half time whistle
45+1' Martial fouls Anthony Rudiger on the left flank after trying to gain possession of the ball
44' Another attacking move by the hosts as they are looking to double their lead in the game but a good interception from Ashley Young averted danger from the away team
43' Beautiful play from Chelsea in Man United's half as they are passing the ball around with the visitors' barely having a touch on the ball
41' Alvaro Morata came a little close to doubling his side's lead but then fired the ball over the bar as the score line remains Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United with five minutes left to play in this half
39' Beautiful move by Chelsea but their final ball was sent out of play by United's defence
34' Rashford wins a free kick for United after Hazard pulled him down at the right edge of Chelsea's danger zone but the set piece was defended beautifully by the home team
31' Marcos Alonso presented with an excellent chance but was unable to connect with the ball before it gets to De Gea
30' Rudiger booked for a foul on Paul Pogba as they both contested for the aerial ball in the middle of the park
27' Ashley Young booked after kicking Eden Hazard in a duel after which the home team quickly take the kick but nothing to show for it
26' Ashley Young with great marking skills after stopping Hazard from making another super run into his side's danger zone through the midfield
24' Mateo Kovacic with a smooth move into United's 18-yard box but the last man in the Red Devils' defence to the rescue as he cleared the danger
21' Goooooooooaaaaaaaallllll Anthony Rudiger with a superb header to give Chelsea the lead after a well taken corner kick from Brazil attacker Willian
20' Chelsea are trying to make something happen as Hazard tried penetrating United's defence but his efforts were thwarted by the visitors but eventually got a corner out of the move
18' Corner kick for Man United after Anthony Martial tried dribbling into the box the opponents cleared the ball to corner
15' Marcus Rashford wins a free kick for the Red Devils in Chelsea's half however, proceedings afterwards wasted
13' Nemanja Matic awarded first yellow card of the game after bringing Eden Hazard down
11' Ten minutes gone and scores remain goalless between the two sides as both are still trying to size themselves up
10' Alonso, Willian and David Luiz in front of the ball as Willian took the kick but it was wasted by the Brazilian
9' Advantage for Chelsea as Eden Hazard got fouled by former teammate Nemanja Matic at a vantage point for the hosts
9' Anthony Martial tried running into Chelsea's defense but his move was botched as his pass failed to reach the target
8' Anthony Rudiger stops Paul Pogba's cross into the Blues danger zone but United are still hovering in Chelsea's half
5' Good defensive play from Chris Smalling as he stopped Alvaro Morata from connecting to Azpilicuata's cross from the right wing
3' A counter attacking move by the Blues almost paid off as Willian's kick was block and Hazard's rebound stopped from reaching its target
2' Juan Mata wins a corner kick for Man United at the right hand side but the danger was averted by Chelsea defenders
1' Chelsea take kick off playing from right side of the screen in their all blues jersey while the visitors are in their red and white outfit
Welcome to the live updates of Chelsea vs Manchester United Premier League fixture at the Stamford Bridge

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