Cristiano Ronaldos Sponsors Nike And EA Sports React Over His Rape Allegations As Many Fear He May Lose His %C2%A31bn Nike Deal
Cristiano Ronaldo's sponsors Nike and EA Sports have reacted to the rape allegations facing the Portuguese star.

US sportswear giants, Nike have created more than 70 different styles of boots with Cristiano Ronaldo's name that have sold millions worldwide and resulted in a life contract worth $1billion.

Last night the brand who have created boots for the football star for 15 years reacted to the rape allegations against Ronaldo.

They said they were deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations facing the Juventus star after a woman filed a lawsuit alleging she was raped by Ronaldo in 2009. Although, Ronaldo has repeatedly denied the claims.

Nike said: 'We are deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations and will continue to closely monitor the situation.'

EA Sports who have used Ronaldo as the face of their long-running video game FIFA 19 but the gaming firm joined Nike in expressing their concern.

EA Sports said: 'We have seen the concerning report that details allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo.

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