According to Football Italia, several Liverpool fans were attacked in Naples in a day before the match. In the report, local police identified it as "unmotivated" fight, but the incident has not yet been investigated.

The groups of young, hard-line Napoli fans have been traversing the city in pairs and on scooters looking to fight 'hooligans'. But despite that, no one suggested the fans attacked last night, were involved in any wrongdoing.
'The incident last night was completely unprompted and unmotivated,' chief of police Antonio De Iesu said.

'These are actions which have nothing to do with football. The men of DIGOS [special operations] have been carefully observing the city, and in fact have identified 28 men of various fan groups.'

This is not the first incident involving an English team in Naples. Last year Manchester City fans were also attacked in southern Italy during Champions League matches, so the police were prepared already.

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