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   The iconic starred pattern survives, but the move towards white stars on a blue background is a reversal of the traditional colour scheme, which has coloured stars on white panels.

By inverting the colourway unlike traditional design, Adidas tries to "highlight the iconic Champions League stars," and the streaked pattern in the blue panels is designed to "represent the blur of constant motion."
The panels on the ball are thermally bonded, which helps to make its surface more aerodynamic, as well as optimising a player's touch during the game.

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As in previous years, the Adidas logo, the writing Official Match Ball and two Champions League logos are printed on the top of of it. Today the Adidas UCL 2018/19 ball retails at 150 euro, which is equivalent to more than 63 000 naria.

In the previous season there was more traditional feel. Champions League 2017/18 ball had a white background and the stars were darker, with the colourway of core black, dark green and energy blue used to give the panels a striking look.

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