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Anthony Joshua defended his Heavyweight title after he defeated Carlos Takam. The fight was stopped albeit controversially by the referee in the 10th round.

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He had this to day after the match.

"I have no interest in what's going on with the officials," Joshua says during his in-ring interview. "I just worry about my opponent. Unfortunately, the ref stopped it. I think people wanted to see Takam unconscious on the floor, am I right?

"He was getting there. I didn't have control over the ref's decision. We get the win and now we look forward to 2018."

Thank you Cardiff in coming. Not my job to worry about the referee it is my job to break my opponent down round by round. I think people want to see Takam unconscious on the ground, am I right? (Crowd cheers) And that was the point I was trying to get to. But I cannot control the referee.

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He comes down and bobs up, like Holyfield. This is a championship, if I had not been able to breathe... then it would have been a massive disaster. But if I had showed any weakness the referee might have stepped in. That's what the ref did to him, he jumped in early.

It feels broken. My plans now? To get my nose cracked back into place, for starters.

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I cannot fight Joe Bloggs from nowhere. I have obligations. Once I have done them I will fight anyone. My door is open to all challengers.

It's note my decision what happens outside the ring.

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