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Lagos state lawmaker, Hon. Olusegun Akande has said the carnage witnessed in the state during #EndSARS protests happened because celebrities were giving free food to protesters.

The lawmaker made this submission during a recent plenary session at the Lagos State House of Assembly.

The lawmaker who represents Ojo 1 constituency rhetorically asked if celebrities who joined the protest were expecting it to be peaceful when they were busy feeding people who have no means of eating during the #EndSARS protests.

Protests were hijacked because of free food

According to Akande, the "miscreants" never wanted the protest to end, because they were being freely fed by celebrities.

For him, the "free food" attracted all manner of people to the various protest venues, which made it easy for the protests to be hijacked and subsequently led to destruction of properties and killings.

He also said that the celebrities didn't know when to end the protest and move on to dialogue which he described as the "key."

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