Over 4 million individuals in Italy took to the streets of the country earlier today, Monday, following the Italian Government easing the lockdown rules in the country after the Coronavirus outbreak over two months ago.

Italian Flock

With close to 29,000 deaths from Covid-19 since its outbreak emerged on February 21, Italy has the world's second-highest toll after the United States and the Italian government imposed one of strictest lockdowns two months ago to curb the spread of the virus.

Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte decided to adopt a slow approach to ending the lockdown, after seeing that the daily tally of fatalities and new infections have slowed down, prompting him to announce that Italians can resume work today, but all churches, mosques, bars, clubs and event centers will remain closed.

Italian Flock1

"We are still in the full throes of the pandemic," Conte said in an interview with La Stampa newspaper on Sunday ahead of Monday's easing of lockdown, stressing the so-called "phase 2" of the lockdown "must not be seen as a signal that we're all free".

Italian emergency response official Domenico Arcuri said,

"From Monday, it's up to you. "We must maintain social distancing, maximum hygiene levels, and masks. We've done our bit to the best of our ability.

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