Immediate past Executive Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS, Tunde Fowler, has thanked President Buhari for the privilege he had to serve the nation and for what he was able to do with the support of all Staff.

Fowler noted that the taxman job is one of service to one's fatherland as it gives one the opportunity to serve fellow humans and the nation. Change, he noted is constant. It is normal that people will always resist change, he noted.

He spoke as he handed over to the Coordinating Director Domestic Taxes Group, Abiodun Aina, who promised to steady the ship of the FIRS. Tunde Fowler in a handover ceremony at the Boardroom of the FIRS said:

"Let me thank all of you who are here for what we have been able to do for our country. From the driver to the senior staff, everybody played a role.

But with the change, sometimes there is resistance. People will not understand the vision, will not understand the reason for the change. But hope in leaving FIRS, I've left behind something, something, positive, that each and every one of you can build on.

"We have got a mandate. That mandate is not just to collect revenue. It's a mandate to collect the maximum amount of revenue for all concerned for the benefit of all Nigerians. There is nothing automatic about having a second Term. Some of you might say it's a big surprise.

It a privileged to serve one's country. And if you have the privilege of serving your country for one term and you believe you have done your best, you have to thank God for that.

For those of you we are leaving behind, I do not want to get too scriptural. But I believe that anything that you do, that helps your fellow human being, your neighbor is a blessing.

And I believe that this job that we have been given is a job that will continue to help all Nigerians and all people residing in Nigeria.

"We have the opportunity to show the world that Nigeria has a lot to offer. It was during this period that we had a top Director, representing Nigeria and the world at the OECD. It was within this period that Nigeria, for the first time chaired ATAF (African Tax Administration Forum), for two years running.

It was within this period that Nigeria through your support was appointed as the 1st Vice Chairman of the United Nations Committee of Tax Experts.

So we have a lot going for us. "I like you to keep the flag flying, but I hope that sometime when I visit, my picture will be somewhere on the wall.

One thing, for people who have known me for a while, is that some of them refer to me as a shark. I like to keep people on their toes.

Some of you might have thought that I don't appreciate your contribution. But some of you might have been able to do things better.

And part of my role is to bring out that s potential in you. And I hope I have been able to do that. I am content. I like to thank the President for giving me this opportunity of service.

It's a privilege of service to your country. But at the same time, I believe I leave behind a good crop of directors that can move this organization forward. I will say that for the incoming Chairman, for the incoming Board of Directors, give them the support.

The vision, I believe, is the same vision that we have. But how to go about it may differ.

Open yourselves up to change. At this point, it gives me the extreme privilege, to hand over the running of this organization until the Senate approves the new Board, to someone who has been here, to someone who understands the working of the FIRS, to someone who has been part of the change.

And I believe that you will give him the support, not even the support you have given me. But more support. So that when he hands over the organization to the new board, they will see that this organization is one that shares the same vision, and of course, believes in his mandate.

With these few words, I like to say it's a pleasure working with all of you.

"Some of you might have thought that don't like you. But I assure you it was work.

But I believe in this room, we have got a lot of talent regardless of what happens, keep the flag flying. On this note, Mr. Aina, I have the privilege of handing over FIRS to you. God bless FIRS. Long live the Republic of Nigeria.

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