A Nigerian soldier was severely beaten by some street boys because he intervened to stop them from killing a trailer driver who accidentally killed one of them.

Soldier Beaten

There was commotion at the Apapa boundary in Ajegunle, Lagos, on Tuesday, April 16 when a trailer driver crushed one of the street boys named Kola Mutiu, aka Black Jesus.

Soldier Beaten1

According to reports, Kola had gone after the trailer driver, trying to force him to pay one of the limitless dues they stand on the road to collect from drivers. While running after the driver to collect money from him, he was accidentally crushed to death by the trailer.

Kola was rushed to the hospital by other area boys and he was confirmed dead - the area boys then went after the driver with the aim of making him pay with his life. But a brave soldier stepped in to avert the jungle justice.

The louts ended up unleashing their rage on the soldier and beat him till he was bruised and swollen. They also destroyed a military van.

Soldier Beaten2

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  • Date: Apr 22

Too bad.. We are the problem of ourselves. I don't think you will find this kind of confrontation in the streets of United States.. When the government fails to put things in place, who will desire to risk his life on the street this way..