Only Nigerians Beg Online %E2%80%93 Singer Morachi
Nigerian singer, Morachi has revealed that he strongly believes it is only Nigerians who have taken online begging as a major goal.

According to him, a high percentage of Nigerians including the ones in the middle class social status have formed the embarrassing habit which other neighbouring countries might soon adapt

Posting the screenshot on his IG page this afternoon, Morachi wrote;

Online Begging

"Only Nigerians do this & soon might start to infect other Neighboring countries in africa with this deadly virus ? ....a lot of other African countries experience hardship just like Nigeria but whatever support they give to their artistes is truly genuine from their heart & they expect nothing in return...but in the recent day Nigeria fans might not want to listen to a good song except you do give Away's & song challenge & after the give Away's & song challenge the songs still don't make it to the top....i don't know how we got to this place but i am going to predict something right here and right now & that is, if we continue this way then i foresee serious danger & damage that might be hard to repair....I don't care who gets offended by this, we hate the truth & i really can't be bothered....few years from now when the damage is done some of y'all might remember morachi made a post regarding this until then let's all pretend like it's all good when it's not & keep up with the suffering and smiling ??

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