Atiku Cries Out After Army Police Custom And Immigration Officers Search His Plane As He Returns To Nigeria
Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate for the opposition, PDP who has been in Dubai for a while returned to Nigeria today and it wasnt the welcome he expected.

According to him, 'I arrived to Abuja this morning to a search by agents of the state, aimed at intimidating me and my staff. I am committed to building a Nigeria where no citizen is intimidated by agents of state who are paid to protect them'.

Reno Omokri also confirmed the news saying, 'Atiku just returned to Nigeria and Buhari sent a team of Army, Police, Custom & Immigration officers to surround then search his plane. What were they hoping to find? What is Buhari afraid of? Why this harassment? If Buhari performed would he be afraid of losing?'.

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