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A young mother who lost her husband decided to include him in her maternity photoshoot, so she had him edited into the photos to show he will always be a part of their small family.

Stephanie Maynetto-Jackson was married to 28-year-old Stuart Jackson and they were expecting their second child. Sadly, he died in a tragic motorcycle accident when Stephanie was just 18 weeks pregnant. The couple, both Army veterans, were just two weeks away from learning the sex of their baby before Stuart sadly passed away.

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As the birth of her baby neared, Stephanie planned a maternity photoshoot, one that will include her late husband.

She told Metro.co.uk: "The shoot was honestly a very difficult day for me because those days make it seem a bit more real that Stuart is no longer physically with us.

"He loved taking photographs and documenting our journey. He did great both behind and in front of the camera. He was a natural and had a smile that could brighten any room. He definitely passed that along to both of our sons.

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"I was inspired to do the shoot because I wanted our son to have maternity photos that would always remind him that Stuart and I both planned for him. We wanted to bring him into this world and he should know that he was loved from the very beginning. He won't have memories with him but this was a way for him to cherish this time in our lives."

The stunning pictures have now been shared all over the world, with many people praising her courage and strength.

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Stephanie gave birth to her second son on 17 May. She called him Stuart II, SJ for short.

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