Regine Hatchondo, the former head of the French film promotion organization UniFrance, has been appointed managing director of Arte France, the Paris-based branch of the French-German network.

Starting on July 2, Hatchondo will join Arte France where she will succeed to Anne Durupty. She will report to Arte France president Veronique Cayla.

Cayla said she was enthusiastic about the appointment of Hatchondo who "has dedicated her career to promoting and protecting artistic creation in every field - film and TV, theater, danse and arts."

After leaving UniFrance in 2014, Hatchondo joined the French government where she worked as the culture and media advisor of the prime minister. Since 2016, she was managing director of artistic creation within the culture and communication minister.

While at UniFrance, Hatchondo was a driving force behind the launch of the online initiative MyFrenchFilmFestival which allows a selection of French films to be watched by audiences across the globe via streaming services.

Arte is one of France's main broadcasters and a significant backer of arthouse films such as Jean-Luc Godard's "The Image Book" (pictured) and high-profile series in Europe. Along with the country's other broadcasters, Arte is in the process of being reformed by the French government.

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