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An America-based lady identified as Neshe Vonte, has taken to her Instagram page to disclose that the pains of childbirth and its labour is almost unimaginable, as she reveal what women who go through during birthing, and described the process as excruciating.

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The young lady who shared her birthing experience, revealed that she was in labor for 34 hours and was almost at the risk of a Cesarean operation before the healthy baby came out.

She posted her hospital photos and wrote:

"After being induced, going through 34 hrs of labor, at risk for a c section, slowly watching my whole birth plan go into shambles, and a failed epidural my little bundle of joy decided to bless us with his presence.

I'm still in disbelief that I actually pushed out a 8lb baby. Every scream, every tear, every rip, and every stitch was ALL worth it. Welcome to this world Kodah Legend Ford. Mommy and daddy loves you so dearly. 5/3/18."

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She later took to her page to share the photo of the little boy who she named Kodah Legend Ford. She captioned it:

"Peek A Boo This was the PERFECT going home outfit! I think it hilarious that I posted the pic on the left at 36 weeks thinking he would arrive the following week.

"The doctor was so sure that he would be here a week or two early. NOT! Little man arrived one day before his due date. He fooled us! "

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