Founder of the Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman has reacted to a recent confession in his church by his erstwhile accuser, Stephanie Otobo.

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Canada-based Otobo had accused the clergyman of engaging in an extramarital affair with her and promising her marriage.

Suleman strongly denied the accusation.

However, on Saturday, January 27, Otobo recanted and confessed that she was paid heavily by some politicians to smear the clergyman's reputation.

Stephanie Otobo
Inset: Stephanie Otobo

Taking via his verified Twitter account, Suleman said:

"The enemies of the church are confessing like witches..all happening same time...Lies have a lifespan,only truth is ageless....Fear God.."

"Only a fool will pay a blackmailer to com out nd say d's risky to do that cos she will use it against u 2moro..dis is God at work"

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