What a man can do, they say "A woman can do better", Yeah?...These photos of a lady who assembles tricycle in Anambra state has gone viral!

Ada Mike Mechanic Tricycle3?resize=640%2C853

The beautiful lady, Ada Mike became an internet sensation when she shared photos of her doing what she knows how to do best - assembling knocked down tricycle parts.

Ada Mike Mechanic Tricycle1?resize=640%2C853

Described as an hardworking lady mechanic, she hails from Anambra State and makes a living by putting together all the intricate parts of imported tricycles at her workshop.

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Ada Mike Mechanic Tricycle6?resize=640%2C853

Ada Mike Mechanic Tricycle5?resize=640%2C853

Ada Mike Mechanic Tricycle4?resize=640%2C853

Ada Mike Mechanic Tricycle2?resize=640%2C853

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