Currently in Africa, some young people have really understood the importance of participating strongly in advancing the continent. UkomaMichael, a young Nigerian who lives in imo state (a territory of southern Nigeria), then only 14 years old, has designed very practical fans.
This wonder, the fruit of his overactive imagination, works without electrical connections. Using small batteries, the apparatus works and is even as effective as fans imported from China, Europe or elsewhere.

This innovation called "Blue wind" can work from morning to evening, provided the batteries are very well loaded. And for material not very specific: Recycled materials such as metal grills, aluminium pieces and unused cartons. Proof of an inordinate genius!
The invention of the young Nigerian is divided into several types. There are large models that stand up like all other fans, but also small ones that can be laid on a table.

In order to be able to market them throughout the continent, particularly rural areas where the lack of electricity is very serious, the project is already beginning to serve a little in the country. The young boy has a long-term ambition to create a company specialized in the manufacture of fans, aircraft and engine parts.

This project is an example of the beginning of a new era for the continent. That of an africa restored to its dignity and honour through the work of its children. We're proud of him.


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