One Rease Ogundipe Sedenu, an ailing father of two simply left his house at around 20:00pm on Wednesday to get bottle of water for his medication when he got picked up by SARS and for days, his daughters aged, 8 and 6 were left to starve.

SARS Arrest Young Father6?resize=400%2C300

Ogundipe's family and friends launched a search for him when he didn't return and he was found in Ikoyi prison where he has been remanded for three weeks on the orders of a magistrate court in Gbagada and the case adjourned.

Read the tweets below:

SARS Arrest Young Father?resize=640%2C757

SARS Arrest Young Father1?resize=640%2C840

SARS Arrest Young Father2?resize=640%2C831

SARS Arrest Young Father3?resize=640%2C795

SARS Arrest Young Father4?resize=640%2C826

SARS Arrest Young Father5?resize=640%2C794

Screenshots Credit; LIB

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