Thick girls rock right? Well, 24-year-old blogger Danica Marjanovic, who was a size 10 and "miserable" in her teens, is a living example as she's now pursuing a career as a plus-size model after suffering from bodydysmorphia.

It was gathered that she battled body dysmorphia from a young age, and never felt happy about her slim figure despite losing a considerable amount of weight in her late teens.

Daily Mirror reported that she said;

"When I look at photos from back then, I can remember the exact emotion that I felt at that certain time and I just remember being really unhappy and miserable.

"I wanted to start posting about body positivity online, I kind of thought to myself - what was the scariest thing I could do that would challenge those insecurities that I have about myself.

"My blog helps me deal with my mental health firstly because showing my body is obviously helping my self esteem which is a huge impact on my depression - I see it like my online diary."

More photos below;


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