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A life coach, Allison Bisongs Hyacintho has voiced out his opinion on Tithing... In a rather length writing, he's of the the opinion that pastors and secular artistes should enjoy and live in Lekki, drive the best of cars rather than the likes of Iyanya and Timaya.

You pay tithe everyday to St.Moritz, St.Gulder, St.Remy, St.Heineken, St.Cassapreko, St.One-Night-Stand, St.HappyHour, St.Tramadol, St.Codiene, St.Postinor2, and St.Bet9ja, freely you give to these masters everyday, whether you're winning or not, whether you're damaging your kidney or not, whether they're helping your life or not, it doesn't bother you, you just love giving, cheerfully without grudging.

But when it comes to giving to St.Paul as little as 10% once every month so there will be meat in His house we start provoking, tithing will just be paining one witch somewhere, because giving to God means there will be short supply on their own mammon altar.

Anyways this debate doesn't concern me right? Yea I know that's the first thing someone cannot wait to say to me, afterall I am just a relationship and marriage coach, not a bishop.

But here's something that concerns me; it will be a colossal disaster to marry someone who is not a faithful tithter, let alone someone who does not tithe at all. That is one of the worse disservice you can do for yourself and for your marriage.

He said "prove me now if I won't open the flood gates of heaven and cause favour to rain on you"

One witch somewhere will just be vexing for nothing that we are giving to advance the kingdom, you grudge when asked to donate to a church project, you grudge when asked to pay tithe, you think it's your squeezed 50naira that makes you comfortable in worship at church? Witches campaigning for people not to pay tithe to God when they cheerfully pay Millions for a table for 5 at AY shows. Witches!!!

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