Army Officer Letter 1

A young Nigerian soldier identified as Ojikutu Ridwanullahi, has taken to his Facebook page and urged fellow countrymen to have respect for soldiers and stop seeing them as the enemies.

The gallant operative of the Nigerian Army who relayed his message on social media, said that the risks the soldiers take for country should be greeted with respect and not condemnation.

Here's his open letter to Nigerians;


Dear civilians of Nigeria this post is meant to change ur thinking towards us. Looking at other countries, people give respect to their soldiers and these soldiers are not working as hard as we. Nigerian Soldiers are not ur enemies, the enemies are Boko Haram and Militant.

We are facing dem for u while u run away from dem. Take for instance, if there is an attack u cannot go there but to run off the place to avoid death but we with just one life like u will run to it and make it stop. We can die as well because we have blood in our veins.

You have never clapped for our struggles but talk bad about us, u have never prayed for us but plan on how to injure us are u our enemy as well.
Before i joined Army, i thought Soldiers were bullies but wen i joined i got to know that since u cant stop a moving car but pushing or pulling it den u cant stop soldiers from being rugged and causing because that's the programming. Stop adding to Soldiers problem and give us our little respect as warriors.

In those days, no one dears try a knight or soldiers but nw not the same. Our soldiers die everyday for the country. If you want to know more, come for the training and lets post you @ Maiduguri or Chad or Cameroon then you will know. Gallant Soldiers pls pass this on till all Nigerian will see it. Cos when ever I remember all I and my regulars went through water fell from my eyes. we re rugged, we re not coward "


Army Officer Letter 2

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