Hamza Al Mustapha 1

While speaking in an exclusive interview with The Sun newspaper, Major Hamzat Al-Mustapha, the former Chief Security Officer (CSO) to late General Sani Abacha, was detained for 15-years for the alleged murder of late Kudirat Abiola, spoke on why he wants to clear his name, his alleged presidential ambitions, forming a new party and many more.

Here are excerpts from the chats;

What do you know concerning Abiola's death?

All those who visited Abiola and told him lies, those with cheques in their pockets giving him to sign money for them, were the same people reporting the same Abiola to the government, all of them are on video. They told lies against the man, they cheated him. Oba Tejuoso came at one time and was very furious with late Abiola asking him to accept the conditions of bail and go home and be trying from there.

If I tell lies against Oba Tejuoso one day the video will come because it is not only in my hand, it is in the hands of the security agencies in Nigeria. I was the one that did it and gave them copies to keep in the security archives of Nigeria for tomorrow, for posterity.

Rumour has it that you are contesting for Presidency in 2019, how true is it?

I have not made up my mind. All I am talking about now is the formation of a platform for the people, for men and women, our youths, people with disability, for peasants and patriots.

I have formed a party in that direction. I have also established Green institute to support the party both at home and outside Nigeria.

But for me, I am not interested in anything; all I am interested in is true democracy that will support the future and the younger ones that's all I am doing.

When will the Green Party be officially unveiled?

The Green party was launched by the elders on the 1st of July. Right now, they are preparing for the convention. At the convention in August and December this year, the Green Party will ratify the constitution, manifesto, party logo.

What are your party's plans for the army of unemployed youths in Nigeria?

Most countries that have oil like us take a small portion of earnings from oil and set it aside in an account. So, before any graduate gets employment the certificate of trade will qualify the graduate to collect a loan from the education endowment fund that is interest free, which enables the graduate to start something.

You then use the money to go and invest while you are promoting what you got from the trade and looking for job on the other hand. The moment you take that certificate to that bank to collect the loan, your certificate is kept with them so when government or private companies come looking for somebody in your own specialty, it is this same bank that will quickly submit your document for employment. So this welfare scheme for education and for employment work both ways in support of our younger ones. This to me is a laudable initiative that would ensure many of our youths get employed.

Again, talking about unemployment, today our immigration system has allowed many white men to come into our country without relevant documents. Like in the Niger Delta and South- East, white men are in virtually every corner, in our villages and remote areas, in the bush using our people, taking our resource material; everyday they are shipping them out in hundreds of containers to China converting them to gold. Our people, ministries and scientists, and immigration officials don't know about these things. If given the chance, we want to address some of these challenges.

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