According to facebook user Patooh Mbuguah Gichini who shared the photos he captioned;

Why pay for a wedding gown when you have a mosquito net in the house.
This Bride decided to use a mosquito net, after all, what you wear is not as important as the wedding.

Bride2 1

See some reactions;
Glory Isah: Dnt ova laUgh bcs u dnt knw what wil hapn to u tmrw! may God help us all nt to fall into dis!
Victoria Partapsingh: Wall Dont understand what was so funny tho
Roseline Degbe: Life is not rosy or bed of roses, it full of joy n sorrow, up n downs, cryin n laughter, it really full of misery..... What a Life
Folumi Crown: Sack as gown and mosquitoes net as veil ..... teary may good God bless your union
Jossie Psi: So not funny! We are just lucky that we didn't grow up poor, like her!
Shane Jerhen: It's okay long that you love each other and build your family in God's strong foundation.

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