The incident which took place in Agbarho community, Ughelli North area of Delta state, is said to have scared the hell out of the vigilantes in the area. According to the resident who shared the story, the vigilante's shot at the beast carrying out the worrisome act but were unable to kill it as the bullets were impenetrable.

Olanrewaju Adesina who shared the story wrote:

What seen to be a mere joke or out of reality is gradually becoming a serious issues and threat to life in Agbarho community, in Ughelli North area of Delta State.

The half- human and half- animal beast or spirit as claim by the Agbarho vigilante, who said they have encounter with the beast. They shot at her but no effect of bullet on the beast, while they have to take to their heels. According to different report the incident have being going on for the past SIX (6) DAYS, amount to SIX DOMESTIC ANIMALS KILLED.

According to eyewitness, the first case was reported to have taking place in OGUNAME VILLAGE, then two cases recorded in WATER-BOARD, two case at ABILOGUN street and one case at OSAH.

The mystery about the killing by the beast is the fact that the blood of it prey was drain that no blood traces can be seen on the ground, all the inner organs with the abdomen was eaten off as well. The case have be reported to the paramount ruler of the community.

What maybe the likely cause of the mysterious event see to be a riddles to all inhabitant of the community, some believe the beast comes from water and while other believe the gods are angry with the land because some group of chief summon the king to court.

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