Tunde Bakare, senior pastor of Latter Rain Assembly (LRA), says President Muhammadu Buhari and his predecessors are colonial masters, who ruled Nigeria without accountability.

The fiery preacher said this while speaking to members of his church on Sunday.

He said many Africans travel abroad and complain they are being mistreated by colonial masters, while they have their colonial masters back home.

"Stop complaining about their countries, because many many Africans abroad today bought their own tickets into slavery. You couldn't fix your own country, you are looking for where they have fixed," he said.

"You are ready to lie, to declare refugee status just to hold a common passport where you are still treated like a common criminal. Slavery is God's punishments for idolatry, for envy, that's all.

"Joseph went through slavery, Israel went through slavery for 400 years, your own did not last 100 years you are still complaining colonial masters, colonial masters, where are they?

"Obasanjo ruled this country for eight years, no electricity, they spent money, who is asking him to account for the money he invested, where did he put it? We have no candle from that investment. He is a colonial master, Jonathan is a colonial master, Muhammadu Buhari is a colonial master."

Bakare, who ran on the same ticket with Buhari in 2011, said Babatunde Fashola, minister of power, works and housing, has not also been able to deliver with the current structure.

"My dearest brother oloyemeta; housing, works and power, is doing his best, but my generator is still supplying my electricity. Works, we can't see, housing, we can't see. Is it their fault? They say there's no money to do it but they are earning salary.

"Should any of them take one penny for job not done? If it is not working, while not tell the whole world it's not working, I cant work under these circumstances. Until you restructure, you can't do nothing. You are a clean man that has jumped into a sewage tank; you can't come out smelling like roses.

"That you had a free hand to run Lagos between you and your brother does not mean you should be doing what you like... Restructure."

The revered lawyer added that long before restructuring became a common word in the political space, he had given the president a 42-page document on how to restructure Nigeria.

"Those in government and leadership position who truly love this nation know within themselves that we must restructure as soon as possible in order not to further impede the growth and development of our nation," he said.

"At the long last, APC has now formed a committee to define restructuring - the question is who can bring about the rebirth and the transformation of our nation? I will answer with two answers: I will tell you those who cannot and those who can.

"One, the jackals and the tigers cannot do it, whether they are in the senate or the executive arm of our government. Apologies to those who recently used animal metaphors to describe our polity. But the reality of animals is that they are always what they are and will always be so.

"Answer number two, those who can; only humans posses the abilities to transform themselves by the renewing of their minds, animals can't do it. And those who call themselves lions and jackals and those who responded are birds of the same feather.

"You want to turn the whole nation into George Orwell's animal farm so that a boxer will always be saying comrade Napoleon is always right?You want a kingdom where some animals are equal and others are more equal?

"Two months into this administration, we prepared a 42-page document for the restructuring of Nigeria and gave it to the president; this is the way to go, now they are forming a committee to define restructuring.

"You are putting in charge those who say they don't believe in it; what are you going to get? Committees are always long in minutes and short in hours. They will write minutes upon minutes and nothing will happen and then t

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