Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi on Monday said that Nigerians are longer shouting about recession, it is not as bad as before.

He stated this with an interview with newsmen, he also assured that Lagos - Ibadan rail project would be completed by December 2018.

"When recession was biting, people were shouting recession. Now that it is no longer as biting, though there is still recession but it is not as biting as before, there is an improvement, true or false?"

"Whether it is little or not, there is an improvement. Don't forget that when we came, economy was very bad, nobody wants to remember that." The minister said

He added,

"I agree with people that put up the agreement that 'we should shut up our mouth and work, that we knew there was a problem and that was why we asked to be voted in and that was why we were voted in'.

"So I agree with them but they should acknowledge first that there was a problem.

"We are addressing the issues and you must give us time to rebuild. Rebuilding is not one day, it doesn't happen one day, does it?'‎"

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