Yemi Osinbajo  1

Acting President, Prof Yemi Osnbajo (SAN)
has explained why he would not support any
secessionist group.

Osinabjo said after series of meeting with
groups from the north and the south eastern
parts of the country, they all unanimously
agreed that Nigeria must remain a united

Osinbajo was quoted by his spokesman, Laolu
Akande as making this remark at Iftar dinner
he hosted Monday night at the Presidential
Villa with Northern Traditional Rulers.

According to the VP, with the way things were developing around Nigeria, today, the people had no choice than to remain as a one and united nation.

According to him, "All of us have however
agreed that our nation must remain one.

When we spoke yesterday with traditional
rulers from the South-East; despite the issues
that were raised here and there. I think that
there is clarity as to that one thing, that our
country ought to remain, must remain a united

"Just as I said to them yesterday, a lot of
blood has been shed on account of the unity
of our country and our faithfulness even to
the lives of those who have made the supreme sacrifice to this country, demands that we do everything on our part to keep this country together.

"And in any event, the greatest nations in the
world are those nations who have the size as
well as the human resources in particular to
make the best of that size, and I think our
nation has that and the mere fact that we
have such a large nation and so well-endowed, in terms of human resources.

"I think that we are in the best position not
only to be truly great but to ensure that all of
our people benefit from the greatness of our

"So, I want to thank you again for your
kindness and for doing us this honour of
attending this Iftar and for sharing the love of
the season.

"I pray that the almighty God will bless you
and keep your kingdoms safe and also extend
your own lives so that you will rule your
kingdoms for long and you will rule your
kingdoms in good health."

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